How to Donate Goods to an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters help abused or abandoned animals. They usually depend on public donations to stay open so they could continue helping animals. Donating anything, from pet food to portable pet grooming supplies, is an excellent way of helping them with caring for the many homeless animals in your area. Here are the steps on how you can donate supplies to your local shelter.

How to Donate Goods to an Animal Shelter
  1. Contact the animal shelter in your area to find out what supplies they need. They may have surplus of cat supplies, but shortage of dog food. The needs of every animal shelter will change very often so you better check on them first before donating. Ask if they use a certain brand of food or supplies. There may be some animals that have health conditions where they need to eat certain types of food.
  2. Decide on how much you can spend on pet food (if you’re donating food to the animal shelter) or supplies. In fact, if you have a surplus of pet supplies at home, you can donate them to the shelter. As much as possible, try to include regular donations into your budget.
  3. Choose the pet food or supplies that you would like to donate. While there may be no limits as to what supplies you’ll give, choosing the right pet food is vital. Bear in mind that although pet food may seem like a great value for your money, it often lacks the nutrients that pets need in order to survive. You may be getting more food by buying cheap food brands, but you will get quality if you stick to premium brands. Their difference is very vital. Note that animals in the shelters are often recovering from abuse or starvation. Thus, they are in need of good food to eat.
  4. Bring your donations to the animal shelter. Make sure that you go there when they are actually open. If you bring pet food when the shelter is closed and you decide to leave it outside, it may attract wild animals that can introduce diseases to the animals in the shelter.
  5. For tax purposes, consider getting proof of your donation. Have the shelter write out the brand, weight of each bag, and the quantity on each piece of paper. Make sure you attach the receipt from the store to the proof of donation.
  6. Consider taking your time with the animals in the shelter. Most shelters need volunteers to feed the animals or walk the dogs. By doing so, you can enjoy the benefits of your pet donation.